About Me

How would you describe your self and your design?

Canay Depe: I am a very social person and I am constantly talking and laughing. I try to pull something positive out of every situation, but I am a perfectionist, too, and I will work until everything is flawless. I would describe my collection as strong, confident and protective. There is an intense sense of an elegant femininity within the aesthetic. My designs are for a woman that does not dress to please others, but just to feel confident and beautiful all for herself. A woman, who wears the garments because she feels good in them, because she is an individual woman. I love to dress independent women.

What would you say this is the biggest influence to your design process.

Canay Depe: My biggest influences are the nomads of this world. The different cultures, and their way of life are fascinating to me.

What drew you to design menswear or womenswear?

I have never thought about to design womenswear or menswear. It felt natural for me to design female fashion, so it was an easy decision to design womenswear.

Who’s your favourite fashion icon? And why? 

Canay Depe: I have no specific icon. I draw my inspiration from many muses.

For all the aspiring designers currently out there, what advise would you give them to get into this profession? 

Canay Depe: Never say you can’t do or achieve something! You should always get up and try even more to achieve your dreams than you did yesterday.